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You may think you have left enough information for your loved ones to process your affairs easily, but you don’t know what you don’t know. The Rest Easy Journal and other tools offer simple information to ensure you’ve given your family the information they need.

The Rest Easy tools are for you if you need to get your affairs in order to lighten the load for your loved ones.  You can purchase a hard-copy journal (great for older folks) or a desktop version you can fill in (it’s a fillable form you can save to your laptop or thumb drive) which comes packed with supporting info and check lists. In both versions you just follow the prompts and fill in the blanks.

Get your affairs in order

A range of practical tools

Make it easy

Simplicity is the key. The Rest Easy tools will prompt you to leave clear instructions for your family on what to do when you die (at home, hospital or hospice); your financial matters; your digital footprint; your life snapshot and your funeral wishes. All in ONE place!

You can write in the hard-copy journal, or if you prefer typing we’ve made it easy to fill in the .pdf version and save it on your desktop.

Follow the prompts

Don’t waste time trying to find out what information you’re supposed to leave – just follow the prompts and fill in what’s relevant to you.

Easy to follow templates

Tick and flick sheets to help you to keep track.


Helps start the conversation

Having the discussion with your parents and partners can get tricky! The journal format is designed to make it easy to start conversations around end of life choices.

Ready to get started?

Getting your affairs in order will be the best gift you leave behind. The Rest Easy Journal and other tools will help you to get started.

Get started now
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