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Personal Session with Shanna



Do you want to get your affairs in order but you just don’t know where to start?

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of getting it sorted?

You’re not alone. I talk to people every day who are frustrated, embarrassed and disheartened that, despite not wanting to leave a mess for their loved ones, just can’t seem to get around to getting the right words into the right documents in the right place.

I’m here to help. I have walked hundreds of people through the journey to getting their affairs well-organised and easy for someone else to follow when they’re no longer around.

Just one hour one-on-one with me will help you to find the time, the courage and inspiration to start getting your affairs in order so you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your best to leave a loving, tidy, legacy.

Specialised support

The advantage of working one on one with me rather than attending a workshop or community group is that we can discuss what’s important for you; we can customise the tools and information to suit your needs and you get to ask questions specifically related to your life and your issues. It’s tailor-made planning rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

As part of our one-hour session I’ll give you simple ‘tick and flick’ worksheets, tools and links to all the resources you need that match your particular life story.

I recommend that you purchase the Rest Easy Journal before your session so that you have an easy-to-follow tool we can work with to get your information all into the one place.

Upon receiving your order, I will confirm you appointment personally and send you some easy pre-reading materials so we can get started on the steps you need to take to get your affairs in order from the very first minute of our chat.

We’ll meet via Zoom or Facetime so we can work together in real time to get things sorted.

“The money you spend on a session with Shanna could save your family hundreds of dollars
down the track.” NB, Sydney

Please note: I’m a coach, not a professional legal, medical or financial expert. I can guide you through the steps to take to seek professional guidance and to find the correct forms and
web sites to access and we can work out the practical side of getting your affairs in order.

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