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Tick nFlick Kit


There has never been a simpler way to get your affairs in order.

This downloadable kit contains a range easy-to-follow, simple tools that will help you to quickly get your affairs in order.

Designed as a support tool for the Rest Easy Journal and as an adjunct to the Rest Easy Information Sheets, this kit provides a range of you simply follow the prompts and fill in the blanks to help you:

  • check just how well you’ve planned for your end of life
  • choose the right person to advocate for you
  • confirm your life values, which will help you to make informed decisions around end-of-life care
  • think about what dying well might look like for you
  • design the perfect support support team
  • understand terminology and the different roles people may take at the end of your life
  • help your family to plan for your funeral and much more.

And we’ll send you new tools as they come on line – for free!

Download opportunity will expire in 7 days.

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